Incentive Points Challenge

To encourage participation, the successful Incentive Points Challenge was begun in 1998. The members or associate members who earn the highest number of points by the end of the year (up to 10th place) receive valuable prizes at the Post-Holiday Party in January. New in 2004 was the Rookie of the Year. This award is for the member that joined in the current year and earns Rookie Points based on Incentive Points earned divided by the time as a member during the year.

How to Earn Points

Activity Points
Return Survey Form (New survey coming soon) 50
Attend a meeting or event 30
Organize a monthly event, (social/technical etc.) 100
Assist with a monthly event, (social/technical etc.) 50
Each new member recruited (credited by CCA) 30
Submit photos of events for publication 10
(700 pts max per year)
Original Article published in the Tejas Trax (500 words or more) 60
Original Article published in the Tejas Trax (less than 500 words) 30

Last Year's Winners

Left to right: Brandon Hardiman, Duane Gray, Herb Looney, Chris Copeland, Raquel Robles, Josh Butts, Joey Nielsen, John Season, Paul Goldfine

Not Pictured: Jonna Clark, Lenny Zwik, Brad Mitchell, Ken Carson, David Hardiman, Scott Bowman

Place/Points Prize/Value Member
1st BMW M Watch ($400)

Paul Goldfine

2nd BMW M Watch & BMW M Jacket ($350)

Jonna Clark

3rd BMW M Watch ($300)

Ken Carson

4th (Tie) BMW Garment Bag ($150)

Herb Looney
Joey Nielsen


Brandon Hardiman


Raquel Robles

8th (Tie)

Lenny Zwik
Scott Bowman

10th (Tie)

David Hardiman
Brad Mitchell

1st Rookie BMW M Bag ($100)

Chris Copeland

Honorable Mention

John Deason

Honorable Mention

Duane Gray

Current Points Leaders

Note: points are up to date as of March 17th, 2020
Place Member Points

Sandy McConnell


Ken Carson
Paul Goldfine


Raquel Robles


Joseph Nielsen
Scott Bowman


Connie Stried


Herb Looney


Gene Janulis
Glenn McConnell
Jeff Gifford
Kathy Goldfine
Marco Cordon
Mary Beth Cordon
Michael Miranda
Sridhar Kamma
Terry Jones
Tom Dawson
Rachel McAlister
Helen Dorrance


Bob Heimann
Brandon Hardiman
Chris Copeland
Duane Gray
Kathy Gray
John Deason
Rachel Tamez
Scott Fritz
Stephanie Copeland
Vincent Robles
Bob Beuerlein
Don Yule
Eric Sheneman
Greg Davisson
Joaquin Aviles
Joe Martinez
Bruce Gow


Rookie Points Leaders

Note: points are up to date as of March 17th, 2020
Place Member Points Rookie Points