Welcome Back Drive 2

Jun 14, 2020

Our first post-lockdown event of 2020

Planned by: Josh Butts

Welcome Back!

We're so excited to be able to get out and drive together again! That said, we can't quite operate on a business-as-usual program, so here's the plan:

  • At any time if you're out of your car during the event, please be respectful of others. Wear a mask and observe a 6 foot separation between people.
  • There will be no group meeting in the morning. We will distribute directions and a drivers' briefing information via email the day before. You'll print and bring your own directions. We will (hopefully) be using a new system called Speed Waiver that allows you to digital sign a waiver on your phone or computer before arriving at the event. You'll simply hold up your phone or a printout showing that you've signed, and we'll already have a digital copy for our records. No pens, no clipboards.
  • No lunch this time. We don't feel like we can make this work and adhere to all the social distancing guidelines. We'll be ending in "civilization", so all are free to grab lunch on their own before heading home.
  • This is an out-and-back route. We have a rest stop in the middle. This is not intended to be a socialization stop. We're not on a time table, so we have plenty of time for folks to use the restroom without having to crowd.
  • Please consider your own risk factors and tolerances before attending. There will be more roads and more driving to come. If you're not comfortable or are at high risk for COVID-19, please stay home. If you're sick, or have been in a situation that would require self-quarantining, please stay home.
  • We're going to cap attendance of this event at 40 people. We fully expect that there will be more people who want to go than can sign up. We may run this drive again on a different date in order to try to accommodate everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Josh Butts directly at president@tejaschapter.org

Because of the distancing guidelines above, we strongly recommend bringing two-way radios if you have them. We have a guide for how we use radios if you're unsure of how this works.

The Drive

Meeting Place
Kyle City Pool/Park
1100 W Center St, Kyle, TX 78640

At the time of this writing, public restrooms were available and open at this park. There is also a gas station across the street.

Meeting Time

Departure Time

Rest Stop
Stripes, Blanco, TX

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Who's Coming:

This event has a maximum attendance of 40 people. We are currently at 0/40.

Name Car Model Year Car Model Number of People


Name Car Model Year Car Model Number of People
Barney Toler 1973 2002 baur 2
Ben Littler 2010 335 2
Bill Lewis 2003 Z4 1
Brandon Navinskey 2005 M3 2
Bruce Mason 2013 M3 1
Carlin Mendonca 2004 M3 2
Chris Kite 2020 M2C 1
Don and Susan Yule 2015 M4 2
Eric Sheneman 2001 740i 1
Evan Sgarbi 2008 M3 1
Everett Torres 2008 E92 M3 Coupe 2
James Alejandra Whalen 2011 BMW 335is 2
Jeff Gifford 1990 325i 1
John 1991 M5 1
Joseph Nielsen 2008 Z4C 1
Josh Butts 2006 M Roadster 1
Juan Tamez 2007 335i 2
Magan Tyler 2002 M3 2
Marco & Mary Beth Cordon 2020 Z4 2
Murtha Donovan 2002 Z3 2
Patrick Brunson 2016 M5 Competition 1
Paul Goldfine 2018 430i 1
Rachel Nielsen 0 NA 1
Richard Spellmann 2013 135is 2
Robert Beuerlein 1987 325is 2
terry sayther 1975 2002 1
Total: 26     Total: 39