Memorial Drive

May 27, 2023

May is the month we organize our event to honor our Veterans and Military members for Memorial Day

Planned by: Sri Kamma

Event Details

For this drive we will be taking a leisure drive around the backroads of Buda, Blanco and Fredericksburg.

Meeting place:
Cabela’s in Buda.
Arrive 8:30 AM / Depart 9:00 AM
We will meet at Cabela’s in Buda (Link to the address: are few shops/restaurants around the Cabela’s where you can get coffee or breakfast before we depart promptly at 9 AM.

We will drive through the backroads of Buda, Driftwood and arrive in Blanco approx 10 AM for a quick pitstop.

Pitstop in Blanco:
Exxon gas station. Link to the address ( 10:20 AM for the drive to Fredericksburg Airport Diner, located at the Fredericksburg airport next to the Fredericksburg Hangar Hotel.

Arrive at approx 11:30 AM at the Airport Diner:
Address of the Airport Diner is here (
Diner: The Airport Diner is a classic 1940s diner, located next door to the Hangar Hotel and immediately adjacent to the Gillespie County Airport aircraft parking ramp. From the booths, you can watch airplanes and other aircraft come and go while enjoying great sandwiches, breakfast. More info about the Diner free to browse their menu here

War Museum:
After lunch, approx 12:30 PM we will be leaving for the Pacific War Museum located at 311 E. Austin St, Fredreckburg. Link to the map the Pacific War Museum:
The National Museum of the Pacific War (NMPW) is recognized today as a world-class, cultural institution. A Smithsonian Affiliate and accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, NMPW provides the nation's most comprehensive account of World War II in the Asiatic-Pacific theater.

Remaining true to its promise to Admiral Nimitz: to honor all who served and supported the war effort in the Pacific, the Museum proudly presents the facts, stories, and authentic artifacts of the Pacific War for today and generations to come.

After the event: If you haven’t been to Fredericksburg before, we strongly recommend taking a stroll down the Main St after your leisure tour of the Museum, or head down to one of the Wineries or Breweries along 290.

Thank you for signing up for this event, and hope you have a great time with our veteran and military members, enjoy the drive, lunch at the Diner, Museum and the atmosphere!

RSVP for Memorial Drive

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Who's Coming:

This event has a maximum attendance of 40 people. We are currently at 39/40.

Name Car Model Year Car Model Number of People
Alex Bakanidze 2023 M240i 2
Darin Donohue 2020 M2 Competition 2
Duane Gray 2022 Z4 3
Eric Kottke 2018 X2 2
Gleb 2015 Z4 2
Joaquin & Betzy Aviles 2020 M2C 2
Joe Martinez 2020 X3 M Competition 2
Joseph Robinson 2003 E39 Touring M-sport 1
Josh Butts 2006 X5 4.8is 1
Juan Carabias 2023 M240i 2
Marco & Mary Beth 2023 X5 2
Paul & Kathy Goldfine 2018 430i 2
Randolph Allen 2013 X5 3
Rob Feerst 2017 M240i 1
Robert Beuerlein 1987 325is 1
Robert Bryson 2013 128i 1
Scott Fritz 2022 M4 Cx 1
Sri Kamma 2007 Z4 2
Terry Jones 2021 M240 2
Tim Pappas 2008 335i 3
Vaughn McVey 2022 X3M Comp 2
Total: 21     Total: 39