Blue Bonnet Drive 2021

Apr 10, 2021

Our annual spring drive to take in the bluebonnets in the Hill Country

Planned by: Josh Butts

There may actually be Bluebonnets...

Well folks, I ran this route last weekend and there were some flowers out. However, I'm seeing more and more by the day in Austin, so we may just have timed this right. This year I thought we'd try a little of something old and a little of something new. Yes, we'll run Fitzhugh end to end, but, *gasp*, no Willow City Loop. Instead we will take in 965, passing by Enchanted Rock instead. This is a great road with great scenery, and something I can't remember us doing in recent history.

We'll meet in Austin at the Y in Oak Hill, head out to Johnson City for a pit stop (San Antonio and all parts south, feel free to meet us here!), and then end in Fredericksburg. My plan is to go to Altstadt Brewery for Lunch but we won't be doing that as a big group reservation. If you'd like to stop there and eat they have good food, an excellent soft pretzel and cheese combo, and good beer as well. Alternatively Fredericksburg is "civilization", so you can definitely find pretty much any alternative fare you might like for lunch if you prefer take out, drive through, etc. Altstadt opens at 12:00 and we will shoot to arrive around 11:50 so we should have no issues being seated.

Meeting in Austin
Oak Hill Plaza (Dollar Tree)
8:30am (sharp!)

Pit Stop
, Johnson City
Approximately 10:10am

Optional Lunch
Altstadt, Fredericksburg
Approximately 12:00pm

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Who's Coming:

Name Car Model Year Car Model Number of People Meeting Location
Alex Bakanodze 2018 230i 2 Austin
Alton Egby 2021 M2 Competition 2 Austin
Armando Gallardo AIA 2020 X5 4.0 2 Austin
Benjamin Forehand 2012 X5 2 Austin
Benny A 2020 M4 CS 1 Austin
Bob & Sandy Sage 2019 530e 2 Austin
Carl Nybro 2010 328i 4 Austin
Casey Moroney 2011 M3 2 Austin
Charles Aiello 2002 M3 1 Johnson City
Chris Hempel 2001 M5 Austin
Chris Kite 2020 M2C 2 Austin
Clark Aylsworth 2015 BMW 2 Austin
Craig Wheeler 2009 128i 2 Austin
David Brown 2008 Bmw 3 Austin
Derek Hinch 2018 M3 CS 2 Austin
Diana Goluch 2003 325i 2 Austin
Elena Lightfeather 2009 328xi 1 Austin
Everett Torres 1974 2002 2 Austin
Garry Wiseman 2019 BMW M5 2 Austin
Geno Marola 2008 M Roadster 2 Austin
Glenn & Sandy McConnell 2015 M4 3 Austin
Heather Cook-Tim&Linda’s daughter 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata 1 Austin
Herbert Looney 2001 Z3 1 Johnson City
Jack Maniscalco 2014 m235i 1 Austin
James Baldwin 2011 135i 1 Austin
Jeff Macy 2017 340 2 Austin
Jim (and Nancy) Totton 2018 M6 Convertible 2 Austin
Jim Aiello 2018 M4 Convertible 2 Johnson City
Joe G Martinez 2020 X3 M competition 2 Austin
Joey Nielsen 2003 325it 2 Austin
John Deason 1999 750IL 1 Austin
John Grey 2013 535i 5 Austin
John Kasbaum 2019 M4 2 Johnson City
Josh Butts 2006 M Roadster 1 Austin
Justin Ovson 2020 M2C 2 Austin
Kelvin Mullings 2014 535i 2 Austin
Ken and Melysa 2019 M2 Comp 2 Austin
Kenneth Reed 2011 m3 1 Austin
Kevin & Prim Li 2020 M850 2 Austin
Linda and Tim Cook 2007 Gorgeous M Roadster 2 Austin
Lisa Brown 2016 X5e 2 Austin
Marco and Mary Beth Cordon 2007 Z4 2 Austin
Marshal Atwater 1996 M3 2 Austin
Michael Anderson 2007 BMW Z4 2 Johnson City
Miguel Sison 2020 M4CS 2 Johnson City
Neslie Ethridge 2005 530i 2 Austin
Pablo Q 2009 M3 2 Austin
Paul & Kathy Goldfine 2018 430i 2 Austin
Pratik Mishra 2019 330i 3 Austin
Randolph Allen 2012 X5 2 Austin
Raquel Robles 2017 320i 2 Austin
Richard “Mac” Spellmann 2013 135is 1 Austin
Robin Schroeder 2002 M3 Cabriolet 1 Johnson City
Roger Williams 2001 M Roadster 1 Austin
Ryan Case 1989 M3 1 Austin
Scott Fritz 2019 M2 COMP 1 Austin
Spencer Caskey 2011 M3 1 Austin
Sri Kamma 2017 M3 1 Austin
Steve Tatro 2016 535i 2 Austin
Tim Pappas 2008 335i 2 Austin
Tom & Gay Dawson 2009 Z4 2 Austin
Trip Donovan 2002 Z3 2 Austin
Vaughn McVey 2012 E93 M3 Cabriolet 2 Austin
Walter Butler 2009 335i 1 Johnson City
Wilbur Stover 2001 Z8 2 Austin
Youcef Barigou 2011 335i 1 Austin
Total: 66     Total: 120