A History Drive through 1830 Texas!

Sep 18, 2021

The Lewis’ and Cordons will guide you through a slice of Texas History.

Planned by: Mary Beth Cordon and Sandra Lewis

Come and Take It!

Imagine you are a teenage, married couple in 1830. You leave your Tennessee families carrying a bag of jerky, hard biscuits and you have a horse. You are traveling along roads and animal trails through unsettled areas.You make camp each night along the way and try to kill some squirrels or rabbits before dark. Your desire is to reach Gonzales, Texas and file a claim.

You heard that Sam Houston and Davy Crocket worked on a land bill in Washington so Tenneseeans who fought in the Revolution could get land. But, Stephen F Austin made an agreement with Santa Anna to allow 300 settlers to receive land in Texas. The settlers have to agree to become Catholic, learn Spanish, swear allegiance to Mexico and cultivate the land in return for land along a river. After many weeks you cross the Mississippi River and begin hearing stories about Santa Anna now wanting to kick people out of Texas.

This drive will provide a slice of Texas history in the early 1830’s. You will discover activities that led to the “Come and Take It” flag and Sam Houston’s gathering of women and children to start the Runaway Scrape in the days after the fall of the Alamo.


Bastop To Flatonia
Meet: 9:30am, Texaco, 174 Hwy 304, Bastop, TX
Depart at 10:00am

Kloesel's Steak House
Moulton, TX
We recommend the 3 lunch specials. Oh, and they serve dessert first!

Gonzales Memorial Museum
After lunch, we will tour the Gonzales Memorial Museum at 414 Smith Street, Gonzales, TX. The museum is free but accepts donations.

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